Increase antibodies to make your immune system stronger


Our immunity system: We are all endowed with three types of immunities. One is innate, that we are born with, second one is an adaptive immunity which develops throughout our lives and the third one is passive or borrowed immunity, something like mother’s milk for a newborn. Just as we clean our homes, surroundings, it is very important to clean our inner system too. Immunity is everything when it comes to prevention and healing. Our immunity system plays a vital role in fighting out germs, bacteria and viruses and also recognizes and destroy rogue cells.

In modern times we led stress-driven life which takes over our body's defense mechanism. Practice deep breathing or meditation in your morning schedule and feel the change. Scientists believe that we secrete higher levels of cortisol, the hormone that protects the immune system when we are relaxed. Ayurveda “science of life”, 5000 years old holistic medicine is all about how we can live in harmony with nature. Ayurvedic medicine and treatments are all about making our immune system strong and helps in prevention and healing in most natural way.


Ayurvédic treatments help to boost immunity system: You can add here some ayurvédic treatments which boost immunity system.


Nutrition: Without the right nutrition and vitamin levels in the body out immune system becomes weak. Use food as medicine. In our daily eating habits, we can add many immunity agents such as:


Almonds: A fistful of almonds may help shore up your immune system from the effects of stress and maintain a healthy immune system.


Probiotics: Yoghurt is very healthy for a good immunity system.

Garlic: Garlic offers several antioxidants which helps fighting against bacteria and viruses.


Turmeric: Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, detoxifying and amazing for digestive health.