About Us


In childhood I lived with my grandmother in a remote village situated near river Ganges in India. People for their livelihood completely depended on what was provided by nature. My grandmother as everyone in the village used herbs and plants for treating diseases or injuries as there was no doctor in the village. She had great knowledge of properties of different herbs and plants. For beauty rituals ladies used white clay, cereals, neem leaves and stems etc. My stay in village taught me about how the nature is there for us in abundance & how to respect and make good use of it. 

Now living in Europe since 28 years, I continue to follow what I had learned from my grandmother and my mother. Working for many years in an Ayurvédic clinic in Switzerland also gave me more knowledge & motivated me to share this knowledge with people who have same values. The idea of opening Ayubliss cosmetics is to share the experiences and knowledge, that we can take care of our wellbeing through nature.





I was born in India in 1968 and spent most of her childhood near the banks of the river Ganga immersed in a tranquil and meditative environment. I graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from the University of New Delhi B.A.M.S. “Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery”.

Since 2011 I have opened Ayubliss in Switzerland and successfully aims to give people the tool’s to stay healthy, happy and balanced in their daily lives.

Established for 26 years in Europe and 9 years in Switzerland, my knowledge and experience of Ayurvedic medicine allow me positively contribute to the co-founding of Ayubliss Cosmetics.





I was born in New Delhi, and throughout my childhood and teenage, grew up with the principle of herbal care and cure. Everything was about the abundance of nature and how it takes good care of us.

After passing a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi, I started my professional experience in the IT industry (Very original for an Indian, I know…) where I held different positions in SAP expertise recruitment.

My husband and I met aboard and enjoyed more than ten years of expatriation in several continents. It was time for me to get active in international Expat communities where I had the opportunity to organize charities and work closely with Chambers of Commerce and Embassies. A key highlight was building up from scratch the Internations community in Algeria, which ended up representing 120 active members through 35 nationalities. Connecting the expats on a monthly basis through events and gathering brought significant support to the newcomers and allowed to build a strong sense of belonging.

Back in my home country comes also with a journey back to the roots. Only now, and after these exceptional social experiences, I have a strong desire to share this wellbeing/living through Nature. This is how the co-founding of Ayubliss Cosmetics took place. I really hope you enjoy our natural solutions of Care as much as we do.